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... is a web-based tool which enables end users to autonomously create and run online surveys, feedback or registration forms. By providing a forms-based visual editor, the use of VTSurvey requires no programming knowledge or skills in HTML.

VTSurvey's built-in user management system enables it to serve large organizations and facilitates collaborative survey development and administration. For example, at Virginia Tech this software is used to implement survey.vt.edu a web-based service which is currently serving over 3000 Virginia Tech students, faculty and staff with their survey needs. Go and check out the public demo!

Lastest Release
May 27, 2005
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May 27 , 2005 - VTSurvey 2.2.4 released

- fix bug [ 1209274 ] Opening two surveys in same browser breaks survey (critical)
- fix bug [ 1204974 ] Firefox: multiple choice with "other" option does not work
- fix bug [ 1203066 ] pid/uid incorrect maxlength
- fix bug: Macintosh used to wrap lines for long options in checkbox and radio questions
- Japanese translation (Neil MacNeil)

April 8, 2005 - VTSurvey moves to SourceForge.net

The VTSurvey project has moved to SoureForge.net to benefit from its community features such as the bug and feature trackers and the discussion forums.

Project Management

  • Forms-based visual editor for survey creation
  • User authentication via internal user database (XML-based) and/or external via LDAP
  • Customizable layout (header, footer, colors, styles)
  • Enables use of HTML for special-purpose customization (optionally)
  • Restrict allowed respondends by user-IDs or shared password (optionally)
  • Restrict to only one response per user (optionally)
  • E-mail notification for incoming results
  • View results online
  • Password-protect viewing of results (optionally)
  • Export of results to Microsoft Excel, SAS, SPSS or similar (via CSV formats)
  • Support for collaborative development (multiple survey admins)
  • Internationalization support and translations into many languages

Please use the Feature Request Tracking System to propose new features.

System Requirements
  • JDK 1.4 or higher
  • Java Servlet Environment such as Tomcat 4.1.24 or higher
  • Sufficient file system space to store survey results (in XML format) ; no database needed
  • runs on any OS that supports Java (Linux, Windows, Mac OS...)


Last modified: May 27, 2005

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